Military Economic Initiative, LLC (MEI) is about combining the good will of pro military Citizens and Corporations, the power of Capitalism, and Compassion for the Nation's Warriors to address opportunities to impact the Military Community in meaningful and positive ways. The MEI application's unique approach provides valuable information for both the Military and Civilian communities.

And never forget, a portion of MEI profits go towards MEI sponsored events, donations to other Veteran organizations, training opportunities...the list is endless. MEI also reports back to the MEI Community on what we have done with that portion of revenue so you can judge us yourself.


Become an MEI Affiliate and help us support Veteran organizations. A portion of MEI revenue is donated to various Veteran support organizations, so along with getting additional exposure within the MEI smartphone app network, you also join other MEI Affiliate businesses interested in helping Veterans at the same time.


We also have a MEI Partnership option available that includes access to a community of over 300K; please contact us directly for details and pricing for the MEI Partnership option.


Unlike almost any other advertising platform around, MEI does not collect information on users, it does not track what you look at, it does not take any more information other that the basics of account creation.

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